Tree Trimming & Removal

Expert Tree Care

Tree Removal:

We can help you decide, based on our years of experience, whether or not to remove a tree. Experience, training and the most updated equipment allows our workers to remove trees safely and economically with minimal disturbance to the landscape and surrounding vegetation. T & M Tree Service utilizes professional tree workers who have the training, skills and equipment to safely and efficiently perform beyond your expectations.

Tree Trimming:

Common reasons for trimming are to remove dead, crowded or rubbing branches. Trees may also be trimmed to increase light and air penetration to the inside of the tree's crown or to the landscape below.

In most cases, mature trees are trimmed as a corrective or preventative measure.

Stump Grinding:

A stump that is left after a tree has been removed is both unsightly and a potential safety hazard. With our stump grinder, we are able to remove the stump and surface roots. We typically cut well below the surface of the ground to assure unobstructed digging if the site is to be used for replanting.

Wood Chipping & Removal:

T & M will chip or grind removed limbs or stumps in order to make the disposal of the material safer and more efficient. We will haul all of the material away, leaving your property clean and clear of debris. If you prefer, we will leave the ground up material for use as mulch, or leave larger limbs trunk pieces for use as firewood.